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Dojran Hotels

There are plenty of hotels in Dojran. Your choice of accommodation for your stay in Dojran should be dictated by your personal travel budget, but also by your own interests.

The experience of enjoying Lake Dojran, fine cuisine and service while surrounded by the wonders of the Lake Dojran makes Dojran the ultimate destination.

Whether you're looking to rough it or relax in style, Dojran can cater for every taste, budget and personal interest.

Casino Dojran
Hotel Casino Dojran is located in Dojran, Macedonia and is open weekdays 8pm-3am, weekends, holidays 3pm-4am. The 4,070 square foot casino features eleven slots and fourteen table games. The property has a hotel with 100 rooms.

Hotel Polin is located in Star Dojran

Hotel Beton is located in Star Dojran

Hotel Galeb is located in Star Dojran

Hotel Istatov is located in Nov Dojran

Jaka Radovis
Hotel Jaka Radovis is located in Star Dojran

Makedonska Posta
Hotel Makedonska Posta is located in Star Dojran

Hotel Metropol is located in Star Dojran

Hotel Mrdaja is located in Star Dojran

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